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Gulfstream G450

Perfect For Both Leisure & Business 

The Gulfstream 450 is part of the Gulfstream IV class of aircraft and includes the Gulfstream IV, Gulfstream IVSP, Gulfstream 450 and G400. The G450 aircraft was the predecessor to the GV and G550.  

The G450 aircraft began operations in May 2005. In the week after entering service, the aircraft formed a new intercontinental city pair speed record with 3,550nm flights from Chicago to London in seven hours fifteen minutes with an average speed of Mach 0.85.

The Gulfstream G450 cabin can be tailored to the operator's needs, showers, rear cabins, kitchens with kitchen tables, rated bike drills to handle 2G bank angles, surround sound entertainment systems, several flat panel monitors, satellite phones and DIRECTV, MultiLink broadband internet access (BBML ), Brazilian mahogany and bird eye wood cabinets, and choice of club chairs and sets.

The cabin has three temperature zones that are separately controlled with AC 100% fresh air and 12 heated oval widows.

Charter a Gulfstream G450

  • Manufacturer


  • Max Speed

    850kmh / 459kts

  • Max Range

    8056km / 4350nm

  • Cabin Height

    1.88m / 6.1ft

  • Cabin Width

    2.24m / 7.3ft

  • Passengers

    12 to 14

Gulfstream G 450 Interior EN

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