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Hawker 400XP

Perfect For Both Leisure & Business 

The Hawker 400XP is the product of years of revision by Raytheon’s Beechjet Aircraft Corporation. They originally purchased the production rights for the jet from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Japan.

This twin-engine light business jet is comfortable, versatile, and has low operating costs which make for an economical and relaxing private charter flight. With cruising speeds of 517 mph and the ability to land on a runway as short as 3,500 feet, the 400XP is an excellent choice among entry-level light jets.

Charter a Hawker 400XP

  • Manufacturer

    Raytheon / Beechcraft

  • Max Speed

    740kmh / 400kts 

  • Max Range

    2663km / 1438nm 

  • Cabin Height

    1.5m / 4.99ft

  • Cabin Width

    1.55m / 4.11ft

  • Passengers

    6 to 7

Hawker 400 XP Int 1

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