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Honda Jet

Perfect For Both Leisure & Business 

Honda began to study small-sized business jets in the late 1980s, using engines from other manufacturers. Its revolutionary design, characteristic of Honda's ingenuity, has been developed to create a small jet with unrivalled efficiency.

Honda's unusual design has resulted in a surprisingly spacious cabin for an aircraft of its size. While externally, the aircraft is the same size as other Very Light Jets (VLJs), the HondaJet has 5 passenger seats and a separate lavatory, as well as a refreshment area. 

Honda's current performance statistics indicate that this will be an ideal aircraft for making short hops of 3 hours or less within continents.

Charter a Honda Jet

  • Manufacturer


  • Max Speed

    778kmh / 420kts

  • Max Range

    2593km / 1400nm

  • Cabin Height

    1.51m / 4.95ft

  • Cabin Width

    1.52m / 4.99ft

  • Passengers


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