2008 Boeing Business Jet







Sherwin-Williams JetGlo plus Mica paint system. White Base with Navy Blue and Red stripes


This Boeing Business Jet's Cabin Offers 18 PAX seats certified for taxi, take off and landing and is configured as follows:

A multi section curtain encloses the crew rest area on the inboard side. The Galley complex consists of a U-shaped Galley in the RH area and a Pantry in the LH area.

The Lounge comprises Enclosure bulkheads, RH four-place Divan and four single seats as well as Video Cabinet with a 32-inch LCD monitor, Credenzas and coffee/dining tables adjustable in height. The tabletops shall have a folding leaf and a means of tracking so that all of the divan and RH single seat occupants may use the tables for dining.

Dining/Conference Area includes a Dining table with folding leaves, Six Single Seats a corner cabinet Credenza and a sidewall Stowage Seat. The Area is enclosed on the forward end by the lateral glass divider and on the aft end the compartment is defined by the bulkhead decoratively treated in silk and mirrors with a 42-inch LCD monitor.

The guest room follows with two berthable three-place divans, stowable Hi-low table, overhead stowage, video and entertainment system. The sideledge contains a pop-up 20-inch LCD Monitor.

Master Stateroom and Master Lavatory include such features as a Queen-size bed and headboard, nightstands, dressers, wardrobes, credenza, closets and a shower stall with a transparent hinged door.

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