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Here at Jet Connections, we charter on-demand bespoke private, corporate, and group flights all over the world. Through select joint venture agreements, we have access to over 10,000 aircraft at all times. if you are after a private jet hire, then we have you covered.

Our experience allows us to locate the ideal aircraft for your destination, budget and needs – from cost-effective and practical to top-tier luxury jet charter.

We regularly fly from/to destinations throughout the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East. Hire a private jet for your next business meeting in Dubai or a romantic getaway to an isolated island. No matter your itinerary, we will provide the ultimate air charter experience.

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Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, private jet hire allows you to customise your experience and arrive refreshed and ready to go. Amenities such as Wi-Fi and satellite phones keep you connected in-flight. Whatever your budget or desire, we will work to achieve it for you.


Private flights are all about you and your schedule. They can be arranged at short notice and offer flexibility if your itinerary changes. Just let us know: we fly according to your schedule.


Your time is precious. Private jet hire allows you to avoid the frustrating congestion, delays, and security checkpoints of commercial flights. Just show up and you will be in the air within minutes. You can keep your luggage with you; we will even arrange your ground transportation.


With a private jet charter, it’s just you and your closest companions– your colleagues, your family, or your entourage. Years of industry experience have made Jet Connections the go-to provider of air charter services for an elite international clientele. We would love to add you to our valued list of frequent fliers.

Maximum flexibility

Corporate & Leisure Jet Charter

Whether for business or pleasure, once onboard you can sit back and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with private air travel. Fly at a time that suits your requirements, whilst enjoying world-class food and drink to suit any palate. 

With bilingual staff and an accumulated experience of over 25 years, we have an operational reach that extends around the globe. Whether you require a Learjet 60XR or a Boeing 737 we have an extensive database of aircraft to suit your jet charter needs.

Anything is possible

Group Jet Charter

When transporting large groups of people at the same time, chartering a private aircraft offers an efficient and straightforward solution. Whether you are a sports team, orchestra, corporate entity, or governmental body, our team of aviation specialists have an airliner to suit your needs.

Group jet charter not only provides a streamlined travel experience for large groups but also offers the opportunity to reduce the cost per passenger.

From VIP airlines to economy configuration, we are available 24/7.

Fast & Flexible

Helicopter Charter

Chartering a helicopter offers flexibility that fixed-wing aircraft are unable to match. They are highly adaptable with the capabilities to get you closer to your final destination. They have the ability to land almost anywhere space allows, providing short connections between airports, sports stadiums, ski resorts or yachts.

Hiring a helicopter will ensure you travel free from traffic, stress, and anxiety, enabling you to arrive on time and relaxed.

Time is of the essence

Medical Charter

Medical Evacuation - We can arrange and organise medical evacuations from nearly every country in the world. Through our trusted partner network, we have access to dedicated, spacious, and state-of-the-art medical aircraft that can carry up to four patients if required.

Medical Repatriation -There is nothing more worrying than being ill or suffering an unfortunate accident whilst away from home. Rest assured, our team of specialists will ensure your safe return to your home country. Our partners utilise some of the most medically advanced aircraft in the world and are equipped to deal with almost any scenario

Safe, Secure, & Swift

Cargo Jet Charter

Our team of specialists are at your service to transport cargo wherever required. Whether it be dangerous goods, musical instruments, temperature-sensitive items, or extremely large and heavy cargo, our specialists are ready to help you obtain a suitable private jet charter for your air freight.

Having a key partner to ensure your goods are delivered safely, securely, and on time is paramount, especially when considering critical missions or humanitarian aid.

We are experienced with heavy and oversized cargo, humanitarian aid and relief, dangerous goods, remote destinations, and time-critical cargo.

Simple & stress-free

Pet & Livestock Jet Charter

We know how important your animals are to you. Transporting animals by air is much faster than by road or sea. Whether you want to fly with pets, transport exotic animals, or charter a cargo flight to move livestock, we will endeavour to find the right private jet charter to suit you.

When it comes to pet travel, there is a vast amount of documentation required regarding passport and vaccination requirements, seasonal embargoes, quarantine restrictions, and more. We can take care of all these details and offer you a jet charter with peace of mind.

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