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Global 8000

Perfect For Both Leisure & Business 

The Global 8000 business jet offers industry-leading range and a cabin with three individual suites thoughtfully designed to maximize comfort and productivity.

The Global 8000 is the farthest flying business jet ever conceived, offering industry-leading range for truly global reach. The Global 8000 aircraft’s remarkable 7,900 nautical mile range connects some of the world’s most expansive city pairings, including routes such as Los Angeles to Dubai, Sydney to Sao Paulo, or Tokyo to San Juan.

Travel the world in peace and tranquility. Featuring a visionary cabin design tailored with precision to meet the travel demands of today’s business leaders, the Global 8000 business jet has been crafted with intent to maximize passenger comfort and productivity on long distance flights. The unique design of the Global 8000 aircraft’s interior features super-large windows and virtually limitless freedom in how each of its three luxurious suites can be configured. This remarkable flexibility also extends to the meticulously crafted furnishing options designed to enhance and personalize each living space


Charter a Global 8000

  • Manufacturer


  • Max Speed

    902kmh / 487kts

  • Max Range

    14,631km / 7900nm

  • Cabin Height

    1.88m / 6.17ft

  • Cabin Width

    2.44m / 8ft

  • Passengers

    14 to 17

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