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Aircraft Management

Bespoke Solutions

We are an operator with vast industry experience; let us provide your aircraft with the home it deserves. Our specialists provide the highest quality of aircraft care, and our dedicated managerial team offers ongoing client support and accessibility.

By utilising the non-flight days and hours of your aircraft, you can unlock its potential as a revenue-generating asset. Our management programs are tailored toward the owners’ preferences, and no two programs are the same. They vary by the number of hours, commercial utilisation, crew composition, and type of charter as well as other factors such as maintenance programs, hangar location, and owner scheduling terms.

Years of industry experience have allowed us to establish reliable, top-quality aircraft management services for owners. Our professional approach to scheduling, dispatch, and overall maintenance keeps your aircraft in pristine condition whilst generating revenue.

Our proven in-house private jet brokerage team, strong visibility, and proactive marketing techniques ensure that you generate maximum revenue within your non-flying schedule.

Our Management Solution

We will take care of all administrative and operational tasks, organising every detail required to move your aircraft from A to B. Permits, handling, catering, crew transport and accommodation, and any other required services are all covered. All you have to do is pick up the phone and tell us when and where you want to fly. Everything else is taken care of.

Our pricing structure is straightforward; we operate a transparent accounting policy. We handle all costs associated with your aircraft, checking every invoice and negotiating on your behalf. Our simple flat-fee pricing structure gives full transparency, and we will keep you well informed with a clear and detailed financial breakdown every step of the way. All our clients’ aircraft are run at cost plus our monthly management fee. 

Regulatory Compliance


Crew and Ground Personnel

Flight Planning

Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance

Insurance and Fuelling

Let Jet Connections treat your aircraft right.

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