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JetCon Logistics

Your Independent Logistics Partner.

A subsidory of Jet Connections, JetCon Logistics offers operational solutions to transport door-to-door all type of goods and on-board couriers, to any destination worldwide.

Time-critical? Oversized? Or an unusual destination? It may be tempting to call up the air cargo big boys when you have important cargo that has to be delivered pronto. Not so fast.

Get in touch with the team at JetCon Logistics instead. We are quick to respond and faster to come up with a solution. And we’re often more cost-effective too.

Heavy & Oversized Cargo.

Finding the ideal aircraft to move your Oversized Cargo safely, swiftly and punctually can be complex. Our Team removes the stress and keeps you in the loop every step of the way. No matter the size of your goods, we have access to the perfect aircraft.

Sensitive & Dangerous Cargo.

From arranging the relevant licenses to ensuring all sensitive or dangerous goods have sufficient clearance, JetCon Logistics are your critical mission partner. Lean on our team of specialists with knowledge of ideal routes and restrictions for your next flight. 

High-Value Cargo.

Whether you want to transport Gold, precious Gems, Jewellery or an extensive Art Collection, our Team has the experience you need. From utilising some of the most secure aircraft to arranging a dedicated onboard security officer, we provide you with peace of mind.

Time Critical Cargo.

We work with multiple companies in a handful of industries that require military precision when it comes to moving their cargo. If you have a tight schedule or need "Go Now" freight, JetCon Logistics will always have a backup plan for your backup plan. Get in touch to discuss this further.

Animal & Pet Transportation.

From Dolphins to family pets, we have moved it all. Here at JetCon Logistics we know how vital your extended family members are to you. From your Dog or Cat flying in a Private Jet with you to ensuring your collection of Race Horses arrive safely, we are here to help.

Humanitarian Aid & Relief.

Ensuring aid reaches some of the most war-torn countries or areas affected by natural disasters is a task close to the heart of JetCon Logistics. We have access to a multitude of Freight & Medical Aircraft to support your next critical mission.