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Focus on your Business, while we Focus on your Flight.

Corporate Jet Charter.

Corporate & Executive Jets are considered an essential business tool. They allow you to leverage your time in an extremely efficient manner. Our Team has organised same-day business trips, land surveying flights, and missions for Heads of State.

Regardless of your business needs and mission, our Team is on hand 24/7 to keep you moving forward

Multinational Companies.

From an important board meeting to a riveting new product launch. From visiting distribution centres to meeting with key suppliers on the same day. Multinational Company Leaders and Management Teams can rely on JC Charter to ensure their Teams are punctual, refreshed and ready to do their best work, no matter where in the world your business takes place.

Banks & Financial Institutions.

We understand that the Banking & Financial industry can be stressful, complex and tiresome. We also understand the importance of developing & nurturing critical relationships within the sector. Achieve more, harness your time effectively and take the hassle out of your travel by hiring a corporate jet with JC Charter.

Government & Heads of State.

Governments & Heads of State have some of the most complex and time-sensitive requirements when travelling. Our Team recognises how valuable your time is and how discreet your operations must run. We will plan and support your next trip with meticulous detail.

Charities & Not For Profit.

When time is mission-critical, you need to rely on a fast and reliable corporate jet look no further than JC Charter. Our Team understands how important it is for you to intervene quickly during emergencies or to provide humanitarian aid.

Pharmaceutical Companies.

Pharmaceutical companies are relied on by millions of people. We understand how critical your time is and how important your mission is with labs, factories, and research centres worldwide.

Gas, Oil & Renewable Energy.

The Gas, Oil & Renewable energy sector provides unique logistical challenges. Hard-to-reach mines, refineries and exploration sites are a daily occurrence. At JC Charter, our Team are well versed in keeping the sector's key players moving.