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Hiring a Private Jet During Covid-19

Private jets are more accessible than ever. Hiring a private jet for travel as we continue to fight the Covid-19 pandemic can help keep passengers safer. Naturally, most travellers today don't want to rub elbows with strangers and shuffle through a busy airport. Private jet charters are an alternative way to travel that minimizes contact with others.

Jet Connections is still fully operational and available for last-minute private jet charters—Book private charters directly with us. We've improved our safety measures and fleet availability to help get you to your destination faster, safer, and of course, in style.

The Effect of Covid-19

With ever-changing rules and regulations on international and domestic travel, private jet charters remain a viable, reliable alternative to commercial flights.

Being responsive and vigilant, we can still operate international flights, quickly reacting to the ever-changing border and passenger restrictions. Because we're not a commercial airline, the devastating impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on the air transport industry has not deterred us from continuing to operate flights (restrictions permitting). We're still the luxury jet charter company our clients know and love. We are taking extra security measures to make your journey safer.

The crew members will do their very best to ensure your comfort and care during the flight. To reduce the risk of infection, we are closely watching the safety measure set out by local health authorities and have implemented numerous protocols. Our clients can rest assured that we're taking the risks of flying during a worldwide pandemic seriously. We're committed to going above and beyond to keep our clients safe, comfortable, and happy while travelling with us.

Where Can I Fly?

Whether you're going on a dream vacation with your family, flying for business, or needing to transport livestock or cargo, working within the international restrictions that are in place, we will find the ideal solution.

Flying will look different during the Covid-era. Some destinations require a quarantine period or negative Covid-19 test before departure and/or on arrival. Regardless of whether you're hiring a private jet or flying commercial, travellers must adhere to their destination location restrictions and guidelines. We are always keeping up to date with the ever-changing policies and will inform you of any changes, rules, or regulations put in place by the health officials at your final destination.

Safety Measures at the Airport

Maintaining social distancing at a busy airport is near impossible. Private jet charters eliminate the need to spend time in an over-crowded airport with other flyers as you shuffle through security and wait in a terminal. Our clients will get dropped off at the stairs of their aircraft, not requiring you to step foot in an airport at all. You won't have to wait in line for baggage checks, security or customs. We have a dedicated team responsible for performing a quick, albeit thorough security check.

Private Jet flights in Covid

Safety Measure on Board the Aircraft

Hiring a private jet allows for full environmental control while aboard the aircraft. Our client's protection, health, and overall wellbeing is our top priority. During all our flights, our crew members practice the safety guidelines recommended by the government. Your crew may request to take your temperate and quickly ask a few questions pre-departure - this is all to ensure everyone's health and safety onboard the aircraft.

We have strict protocols in place for disinfecting our aircraft between flights. All crew members undergo regular Covid-19 testing. We are committed to providing a safe, protective, and sanitary environment throughout your journey.

Benefits of Flying Privately During Covid-19

Hiring a private jet creates fewer high-risk contact points during travel. Flying privately significantly reduces public exposure. Travellers are avoiding commercial air travel as much as possible to help limit the risk of coming in contact with others who may carry or have been exposed to the virus.

You may have heard the odds of contracting Covid-19 on an airplane are low. While catching the virus on an actual aircraft may be low risk, there can be as many as 700 touchpoints when flying commercial. Passengers must pass through busy airports, undergo security checks, wait in the general terminal, and share a plane with many other passengers.

Private jet charters can have as few as 20 touchpoints. We are helping eliminate as much exposure as possible.

How to Hire a Private Jet?

Book directly with us. All you have to do is let us know where you need to go when you need to get there, and how many passengers are travelling. Our services are entirely bespoke, just let us know what you need, and we'll find the right solution to get you to your destination.