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Chartering A Private Jet | What You Should Know

Many luxury travellers are entirely on board with hiring a private jet to get them safely to and from a destination. Flying private allows the clients to call the shots, enjoy an intimate plane experience, and fly comfortably - no matter how long the flight may be.

At Jet Connections, every service we provide is tailor-made to your requirements. Flying with us offers a more personal, professional, discrete flying experience. From safety protocols, customs, baggage to whether or not pets are welcome aboard, we're answering some common questions when it comes to hiring a private jet.

Private Jet Charter Safety Update:

As more countries worldwide welcome back international travellers, the threat of COVID-19 is still very much alive and well. While vaccines and treatments for the virus are still in development, safely flying during a global pandemic is a rising concern. Hiring a private jet helps reduce the number of other passengers, crew members, and other travellers you're exposed to during travel. We take your health and safety seriously. Jet Connections provides a clean, regulated environment. We're working with our local health officials to ensure we're putting the best practices in place to keep our clients and staff members healthy during every flight. We get it; sometimes flying is inevitable. Flying privately is the safest alternative.

Are There Baggage Restrictions on Private Planes?

There are fewer baggage restrictions on private flights. You don’t have to worry about keeping your luggage under 25kg, and there isn’t a fee for additional baggage. If your items can physically fit (safely) onboard the aircraft, you shouldn’t have any issues. For example, liquids are OK to bring on board - whether it's a bottle of scotch, champagne, or perfume, there's no throwing away your items at the security checkpoint. However, illegal substances or products are strictly prohibited.

If you have a unique request or luggage requirements, it's always best to speak with us first. Guests are allowed to fly with firearms. We can apply for the appropriate licence beforehand. We'll do everything in our power to find the right solution without compromising.

Can My Pet Fly With Me?

Flying with animals on a commercial flight can be a nightmare. Often, the animals are mistreated, cold, and terrified during the journey. We treat all animals that fly with us with the respect and dignity they deserve. At Jet Connections, we work with you to find the right private jet charter to fit your requirements, no matter what they may be. We've transported everything from exotic animals such as hunting falcons, scheduled charter flights to move livestock, to flying with the family pets.

Please do keep in mind that documentation regarding vaccine records and identification for animals is still required, even when travelling by private jet. We're happy to take care of your animal's details before the flight to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch.

Do Private Planes Fly Faster?

Note that all private aircraft are held to the same air safety and maintenance regulations as any commercial jets. Most private jet companies often observe even higher maintenance and safety standards.

Private jets often fly at around the same speed as commercial jets; however, they usually arrive much faster. Why? You'll save a considerable amount of time by going a more direct route. On-ground time is kept at the bare minimum as well. Private jets require 'bare-bones' check-ins, no waiting time at an airport terminal, no baggage weigh-in, and very limited (to zero) tarmac time. The crew usually closes the door, and you're ready for takeoff. Once you land, there's no baggage pickup.

Another major time-saver is forgoing commercial airports. When flying from a private airport, guests can show up as late as 15 minutes before takeoff. You'll go through a quick check-in and quicker security procedures.

What Will Your Private Jet Experience Be Like?

Private jet charters are made to be comfortable. Seats will be comfy, relaxing, and often can be modified on most jets. If sleeping is critical on your flight, request a plane with a dedicated sleeping zone/bedroom or alternatively seats that can recline to at least 154º or one with a fill-in mattress to create a bed. When it comes to flying privately, essentially, everything is up to the guest's discretion. You may ask for a jet with multiple bathrooms, a luxury shower, a lounging area, or a comfortable dining area for a 5-course meal in the air. Your private jet experience will be completely catered to your needs. Everything from gourmet food, world-class entertainment to a quiet space to work is possible.

Private Jet Pilots & Crew Members

Private jet pilots are subject to the same professional standards as commercial pilots, while crew members are held to a higher standard of professionalism and quality care. Pilots and crews are attached to a specific aircraft, meaning that's their place of work. They know everything there is to know about that jet. On all private charters, your crew will consist of a pilot, co-pilot. Depending on your flight, you may have one or more flight attendants. At the same time, some light jets will not require a flight attendant at all. Additional services or special personnel like a massage therapist, doctor, bartender, or secretary can often be arranged to fly with you.